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31st May - 5th June 2021

A Bubble Production

A show filled with magic, comedy, natural science, education, inspiration, entertainment and unbelieva-bubble tricks.


WARNING: Adults may feel symptoms of childhood and wonder!

Children may experience ecstatic uncontrollable urges to chase rainbows .

The effect varies and can last your whole life.


Maxwell the Bubbleologist has been wowing audiences with his bubbles, all over the world, for 8 years. He has taken something so small and simple and created an experience filled with the magic of nature, such as, iridescence, geometricpatterns, tornadoes, whirlwinds, galaxies, humans inside bubbles and bubbles bursting into flames (not with children inside, unless parents request it)!

This is not just a big bubble show. Maxwell the Bubbleologist shares the journey of his passion, to inspire his audience to NEVER GIVE UP, to approach education with curiosity and playfulness, and to believe in the impossi-bubble. All of the Bubble tricks are paired with lessons in natural science, mathematics, and positive outlook on this beautiful thing we call LIFE.


Covid safety measure.

Bubbles without breath. All bubbles that the audience pop will be filled with wind from fans, not the artist’s breath.

No onstage volunteers, but there will be lots of audience participation.

This Production has passed. We have now archived this Show

60 minutes

No Interval


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