9 Sep 2020

Adapted & Directed by Emma King-Farlow

All hail Macbeth that shalt be King hereafter…


With these portentous words, the three witches seal the fate not only of the Thane of Glamis himself but also of all the others whom Macbeth will dispose of on the way to fulfilling their deadly prophecy.


Shadow Road Productions brings you the condensed ‘Fireside Folktales’ version of this widely-studied Shakespeare classic that retells the old story of the 11th Century Scottish King and examines the physical and psychological damage done by political ambition, both to those who seek power for its own sake and to those who get in their way…


This electrifying new adaptation of Shakespeare’s infamous tragedy promises to be the darkest entry yet in the ‘Fireside Folktales’ collection. Featuring a certain amount of original material, it nevertheless remains true to its source, both in tone and content, and is an excellent choice for anyone interested in quality theatre. With 'the Scottish play' appearing on many a school curriculum across the country, it also provides a wonderful opportunity for students, particularly those who may have been home-schooling in recent months, to get a head start on their studies next year!

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120 minutes

15 minutes


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Macbeth: Sleep No More


  • Amy Floyd
    Macbeth/Old Man/Violinist
  • Carly Borrow
    1st Witch/Captain/Servant 1/Macduff/Murderer 1/Doctor/Messenger
  • Emma King-Farlow
    2nd Witch/Ross/Lady Macbeth/Seyton
  • Sarah Robinson
    3rd Witch/Duncan/Banquo/Porter/Malcolm/Servant 2/Lady Macduff/Gentlewoman


  • Shadow Road Productions
  • Emma King-Farlow

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