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26th - 28th May 2022

by Jennifer Harrison & George Stroud

Halls centres on a diverse group of eight, first-year uni students from different cultural backgrounds and upbringings who are brought together when they find out they've been allocated the same exact flat in Halls of Residence: Flat 15B. Over the course of the show, audiences can look forward to some rich character development as they witness these eight lovable students blossom and develop over their academic school year.


The new Halls musical also takes on many themes typical to life at university, including the cost of student living, love and romance, freshers week, flat arguments, cramming the night before an exam, and self-acceptance. Now forced to own up to the decisions they make, will these characters manage to find their footing in the world with the greatest of ease? Or will there be lots of trial and error?


Featuring upbeat, feel-good vibes that evoke feelings of nostalgia for our uni days, Halls is set against the backdrop of a catchy, contemporary, pop-rock soundtrack.


This Production has passed. We have now archived this Show

75 mins

No Interval

12 +

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