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9th to 13th November 2021

By Declan Bennett. Directed by Nancy Sullivan

Boy Out The City. An intimate, autobiographical show written and performed by Declan Bennett (Once, Jesus Christ Superstar, Fatherland, Kiss of the Spiderwoman).


Follow Dec as he moves out of the Big Smoke to a sleepy Oxfordshire village and struggles to adapt to life alone in the pandemic. Through countless sleepless nights, we delve into Dec’s past, as he attempts to lay old ghosts to rest. From his school days in Coventry, to discovering his sexuality in the 90s, to becoming ill, to falling in love and escaping to the countryside, this is the story of a man in search of identity, while baking copious amounts of banana bread.

Developed and directed by Nancy Sullivan.


This Production has passed. We have now archived this Show

1 Hour

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