5 Sep 2020

A Will & Co. Production

The year is 1605, London is besieged by plague, and William Shakespeare is battling a severe case of writer’s block and quarantine procrastination. So far he has a working title for his next smash hit: ‘King Leonardo, His Three Daughters, and their Dog’ ...and that’s about it. In search of inspiration, and in the hope of reigniting the Bard blockbuster-machine, the Bard undertakes to directly engage with his theatre-going public. His purpose: to understand the success of his previous box-office hits, and remind himself of the ingredients for a truly great play. The big question: has Shakespeare still got it?


Let this whirlwind of a “funny and moving, not to mention immersive” play (The Independent) transport you back in time!


Bard in the Yard is more than a show, it’s a “grassroots revolution” (The Telegraph). Will & Co theatre company have 30 actors around the country ready to Bard in your private open-air spaces this summer. If you missed theatre, this is perfect for you!

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