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30th June - 7th August 2022

by JJ Green | An Aria Entertainment Production

Boy has always seen the world differently to most people. Where most see monochrome, he sees the world in vivid and brilliant technicolour.

As Boy grows up, he faces increasing pressure to conform to the black and white logic of the 'real' world, a way of thinking that doesn't make sense, and forces him to suppress his unique and beautiful view of life.

A-Typical Rainbow is the World Premiere debut play by autistic writer JJ Green that asks: could a kinder, more joyful world lie at the end of the rainbow?


Relaxed Performance: Wednesday 20th July 2022






“If theatre at its very best can change attitudes and even change lives, this is a show that is sure to do that.”

All That Dazzles


“Has the possibility to change the theatre as we know it.”

Fairy Powered Productions


“Powerful, emotional and enchanting”

Broadway Baby


“Maybe we all need more opportunities to swim with mermaids in life, and maybe those with autism can show us how this might be possible.”

Box Office Radio


“Funny, uplifting and thought provoking.”

Curtain Call Reviews


“Sparky humour and magic in Bronagh Lagan’s production.”

The Guardian



This Production has passed. We have now archived this Show

2hrs 20mins




Strong Language
Haze or Smoke


1) The Turbine theatre is situated below a working railway bridge. Throughout the performance trains will pass over head. A deep rumbling can be heard at medium volumes.

2) An old fashioned school bell rings temporarily for a couple of scene changes. This is a sound effect - there is no bell present.

3) Actors shout and speak in raised volumes in certain scenes for short periods of time.

4) Due to the staging of the production there is a small chance that a wooden set piece may bang accidentally. This will resemble a cupboard slamming as wood hits wood. This is not an intentional inclusion in the performance but owing to scene transitions may occur accidentally.

5) A scene resembling a plane crash occurs. This is done with comic timing and effect. It is figurative, not literal. No on stage injury or death occurs.

6) Projection mapping throughout the show

7) Act two contains a scene in which the leading character is bound in ropes. He struggles and frees himself but it is relatively stressful to watch.



For more information about our Trigger Warnings throughout the show please visit, Click Here

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